Marijuana Legalization is Here!

Marijuana Legalization is here! We’ve created Mother Jane as a resource to address the growing needs of marijuana users across the world and country.  There are so many sites that try to help others, but the problem is the quality of these sites is spotty, unreliable at times, and sometimes just shady.  We want to be your source for resources, news, ideas, products, techniques and stories that fill the internet.  We’ll just curate and eliminate some of the nonsense for you.

President Barack Obama’s nearly $4 trillion federal budget plan unveiled Monday includes fine print that may have major consequences for marijuana legalization in Washington, D.C.

Obama’s addition of a single word — “federal” — to his budget proposal may thwart congressional Republicans trying to block marijuana legalization in the district, and would allow the city government to move ahead with local laws regulating and taxing recreational pot.

“It is very much consistent with the administration’s stance that marijuana policy is a state’s rights issue and his statements in support of D.C. being able determine its local laws,” Dr. Malik Burnett, policy manager at the Drug Policy Alliance and vice chairman of the D.C. Cannabis Campaign, told The Huffington Post.

Marijuana is now decriminalized in our nation’s capital.  It’s only a matter of time before the rest of the states start to get jealous of the tax revenues that are beginning to pile up in some states.

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